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Compostable Dog & Cat Poo Bags - Yellow

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Just like you, I am passionate about looking after the earth and my pets.

I have worked with some pretty clever people to come up with a 100% compostable Poo Bag – nice and simple.

Yellow Poo Bags Packaged in an Organic Cotton Mesh Bag that you can take to the market or green-grocer when shopping for vegetables, nuts or any loose produce.
We don't like excessive packaging, so why not re-use it?  

To get the best out of our Dog & Cat Poo Bags, they must be disposed of correctly,
then the compostable and biodegradable process can start and finish within 6 months.

Please remember that Dog and Cat Poo can contain harmful toxins to humans,
so it is really important to check the best method in your community
to dispose of your used bags.

Made of 100% natural, compostable cornstarch.
Meets the ASTM D6400 standard for composability & biodegradability.

Thank you for helping the earth.

*300 bags packaged in an organic cotton Mesh Bag